Options For Everyone

At Element Hard Parts, we know that not everyone uses their vehicles the same way. Some of us want to explore a dirt road or get to a remote camping spot. Others use their vehicles a lot harder and demand the ultimate in capability from them. Many of us are somewhere in between the two needing more from our suspension, but not necessarily the top level of performance. And we also know that everyone has different budgets too.Those reasons are exactly why we have come up with multiple options for your vehicle. Whether you barely touch the dirt or live in it, we have a suspension package that will fit your needs and budget.

The Base Package

Our Base Package focuses on the front suspension. You get our awesome upper control arms with billet aluminum construction, 1-inch FK uniballs, ¾-inch FK rod ends, custom-machined 17-4 stainless steel pins, a Type III hard-anodized finish, and more. You also get to pick between Fox’s Performance Series or Fox’s Factory Race series coilovers and shocks for the front and rear. The Performance Series is the more affordable option featuring 2-inch diameter bodies without reservoirs. A step up in both price and performance, the Fox Factory Race Series features larger 2.5-inch diameter bodies and remote reservoirs for better cooling and control. And, they have Fox's Dual Speed Compression adjusters that let you dial in both low-speed and high-speed compression.

The Middy Package

The Middy Package includes everything in the Base Package, but builds upon it by addressing the rear suspension. If you carry any load off-road or travel at an elevated pace, you are eventually going to overwhelm the mushy factory springs. To solve a lack of spring rate and control, the Middy Package adds Element Mini Packs to the factory springs. The mini packs consist of three thin leaves that add spring rate and 1.5-inches of lift. Beyond adding spring rate, the mini pack creates a more progressive feel to the factory springs. Pair the mini packs with either the Fox Factory Series or Factory Race series shocks, and you have a great setup.

The Ultimate Package

The Ultimate Package is the top level of our suspension packages. It includes everything from the Base Package, including our Element Hard Parts Upper Control Arms. You still get the option of picking from Fox's Performance Series or Factory Race Series shocks and coilovers. Instead of a mini pack, the Ultimate Package uses our full replacement leaf springs with multiple thin leaves for the most progressive ride you can get. This progression means that your rear suspension will be capable of absorbing both small and large bumps without getting overwhelmed. Our leaf springs also are a significant upgrade over factory units with a military wrap design, anti-friction pads, diamond cut ends, and stout retaining clips. With the Ultimate Package, you get the best suspension we offer.